AI+Cloud type Fetal Electrocardiograph

Five Major Features

  1. Real time measurement of Fetal Electrocardiograph by putting sensors on an abdominal wall of a mother.
  2. Measurable range is from 24th weeks gestation to the birth/delivery
  3. Disposable sensor enables in home measurement 24 hours
  4. Source and extracted signals are stored in cloud and can be referred anytime and from anywhere
  5. AI assist to analyze the signals automatically


The AI + cloud type fetal electrocardiograph works as follows; the biological signal (source signals) obtained from 13 electrodes attached to the maternal abdominal wall are transmitted to the analysis server in the cloud. This source signals are consisted with many different biological signals such as fetal electrocardiogram, maternal electrocardiogram, uterine electromyogram, and others. Newly developed independent component analysis with reference signals method can extract the target signals i.e. fetal electrocardiogram independently. This new method can extract other signals such as maternal electrocardiogram and maternal electromyogram in same manner at same time. This target signal will be transferred back to in-hospital PC or smart phone and to be displayed on it. Then the fetal electrocardiogram is obtained in real time. An AI analysis engine is installed in the server, it is possible to provide diagnostic support by providing reference information with extraction signal after referring to comparison of past cases and diagnosis. With disposable sensors a pregnant can measure it at home immediately when she feels something different, and AI system can offer an advice.
In the cloud server, the source signal and the extracted signal are accumulated, and it can reference from anywhere at any time. It can measure with only disposable sensor + amplifier + telecommunication equipment (smartphone, PC etc.), so you can use it with Pay per Use model without requiring expensive capital investment.

Typical Usage

  • At the time of labor, we can measure heart rate with higher precision as a replacement of heart rate monitor of conventional fetus monitoring device. At the same time, fluctuation of heartbeat can be grasped more accurately, and accuracy of observation such as hypoxic condition improves.
  • It is the first instrument to directly measure fetal biological information and can be used as fetal monitoring.
  • Labor pain from early pregnancy (after the 24th week of gestation) can be measured as a uterine electromyogram. For example, it can be measured during regular checkup and the status of the fetus can be confirmed. We make initial measurement at 24 weeks and compare the results with screening criteria and use it as an indicator of the necessity of measurement at the periodic checkup after that and make the patient worried about the doctor's mind. As soon as you remember, you will be able to wear it at home and monitor fetuses and labor pain so that you can receive appropriate advice through medical institutions.